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Voice Commerce: The Future Of E-Commerce

Voice Commerce: The Future Of E-Commerce

Voice Commerce: The Future Of E-Commerce

Voice commerce? Will it work? Many of us still remain skeptical over this futuristic idea of retail. There are limitations when it comes to anything voice activated, like Cortana and Siri have showed. But of course as we move forward with the years, so does technology. There has been improvements made to the voice activation technology that has hinted big changes are in the near future. Voice commerce will definitely effect customers interaction with retail.

The Rise Of Voice Commerce

Voice Commerce: The Future Of E-Commerce Dish Television Provider Alexa

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, there were quite a number of Alexa-powered devices which definitely shows how people are adapting to voice commerce. Guess what? All guest who attended the event were also gifted a LG smart refrigerator that allows you to order food items using Alexa. Even big car companies such as Ford and Volkswagen have jumped on to the voice commerce wagon and installed AI systems into their vehicles. This makes it much easier for drivers to drive and shop at the same time! How convenient and not to mention safe!  Satellite television provider , Dish has also integrated Alexa into their consoles.  Allowing users to use their voice to pick a movie category, change the channel, look for the latest movies and of course to shop as well!

Amazon has also come out with the Alexa Voice Service which is an API. On top of that, being the e-commerce leaders that they are, they have also introduced the Alexa Skills Set. It allows APIs and tools to easier develop voice-driven abilities for the AI. With the amount of attention Amazon is giving to Alexa clearly shows that the e-commerce giant is betting on voice commerce to blow up in the e-commerce world in the years to come.

What Voice Commerce Can Mean To Retailers

Voice Commerce: The Future Of E-Commerce Starbucks Voice Control, Virtual Assistant

Voice commerce will be a benefit to both users and retailers. Technology will definitely streamline and improve customer experience. With technology nowadays, people can check the availability of a product or order/pay for their coffee from Starbucks with just a click on their smart devices. With voice commerce up and coming, soon there will be no need for clicks.

Voice commerce can also improve on a more personalize shopping experience, as businesses can collect and use data more efficiently with customer interaction. This possibility was proven through using the Adobe prototype. With Alexa integrated into the application, it could quickly recognize the user and ask particular questions about their stay and preferences so Alexa could then give them customized information, promotions and recommendations.

In addition, not only will this help customers receive a more personalized experience but it will also help business collect specific data on its customers. Companies can then use this data to come up with clever and effective product and marketing strategies.

The Future Of E-Commerce

Voice Commerce: The Future Of E-Commerce Cortana (Microsoft) and Alexa (Amazon)

Today, voice-activated virtual assistants are present in most of the devices and while their functions often overlap, they have their own isolated and defined ecosystems. However, the collaboration of Cortana (Microsoft) and Alexa (Amazon) will be something to be excited about. With the collaboration of these two giants, there will definitely be a huge impact on the future of e-commerce.

The collaboration between Microsoft and Amazon will allow Cortana and Alexa to talk to one another! This will be giving Windows 10 users the capacity to access Alexa’s skills by giving voice commands to Cortana. While on the other hand, Alexa will be able to assist Amazon Echo users to keep them on top of appointments and reminders that Cortana has gathered.

This collaboration will also allow the two AIs to combine their specific capabilities to further enhance voice-control purchases. Both AIs have attributes that can complement one another to make this one of the best collaborations in the voice commerce sector. Cortana is great at finding and securing user information while Alexa has defined skills that can be used in specific cases. The conclusion is that, Cortana can be used to look for a specific product online while Alexa will be able to organize the ordering.

Voice commerce technology is gaining ground and can open great opportunities to both user and businesses. With the collaboration of the two different virtual assistants voice-controlled commerce isn’t far off.